Before you panic, know that there are many things we can tweak in your search criteria to help the system find the right jobs for you. 

First, make sure that the roles and other search criteria in your profile are correct by viewing your ApplicationAssistant settings. Make sure you choose all titles that encompass the areas you're looking for in your job search. While we look for positions that are an exact match to the titles you choose, we'll also search for jobs within the broader field to make sure we're not ignoring jobs that are relevant but simply have a title that's slightly different than what you selected. 

Once you've confirmed that your settings are all correct, the next best thing you can to do help the system find the best jobs is to actively apply to and reject positions that end up in your queue. Our system learns from your actions, so every time to accept/reject a position you're helping us better understand what you're looking for. If you want more control over which jobs are applied to you can turn-off AutoPilot so the system is only applying to jobs you're actively approving. However, keep in mind that the single best thing you can do to increase your chances of finding a job is to apply for as many positions as you can. You can always decline an interview request if you aren't interested.

If you need more guidance, you should reach out to your TalentAdvocate directly by emailing